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Aplicaciones Electromecánicas Gervall, S.A.

March 24, 2015 ING   FRA  

We here inform you that APLICACIONES ELECTROMECÁNICAS GERVALL, S. A. is the owner of the registered brand "ALJO" and its corresponding "CE" Type certificates.

Overspeed governors and safety locks are safety components (according to Appendix IV, of R.D. 1314/1997) and must have a CE certificate carried out by a notifying body, as well as requiring that the manufacturer is certified by ISO regulations with module E or have the control of production with a notifying body which means that any material supplied or installed without this documentation, will not comply with regulations.

We must point out that the certificates correspond identically with those issued to ELECTRO-MECÁNICAS ALJO, S.L., therefore, the products to which they refer can be used in replacements of the aforementioned mechanism, without any effect on the "CE" marking of the lift as they are original replacements (in agreement with Appendix E-2 of the European guideline EN-81-1/2).

GERVALL is a company which has been manufacturing and commercializing Safety components for lifts and freight lifts since 1920 and is the only authorised supplier of "ALJO" brand products.

GERVALL is one of the leading companies in Europe, with an ever-increasing number of sales to the major multinational and national companies.

Besides the Aljo material we manufacture safety components like Safety Locks, Overspeed Governors and Safety Gears and other components for their installation in lifts and service lifts.

One important product that will be very interesting for you is the global solution for fulfillment of EN81:1+A3, point 9.11 & EN81:21, System of preactivation of stoppage, which is made up of:
  • Overspeed governor with UCM detection device (Unintended Car Movement) incorporated.
  • UCM monitorisation and rescue module.
  • Safety gears and actionning set.

One single TÜV Rheinland certificate will be given which guarantees the fulfillment of the regulation.

We were the first company to present, in Augsburg 2011, this complete system for fulfillment of regulation EN81:1+A3 with TÜV Rheinland certificate.

GERVALL has ISO 9001:2008 certificate with module E, granted by TÜV Rheinland.

GERVALL is a dynamic company, with quick delivery periods and products which adapt to regulations and even to the particular specifications of each customer.

Quality, service and professionality are what we can offer.
You can get more information about us at our web site www.gervall.com

We are at your disposal for any enquiries you may have,

Ricardo Carbonell
Commercial Director