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News October 2012 Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Module UCM 400

Dear customers:

Gervall can now offer a security module for systems of protection against unintended car movement UCM 400, (Uncontrolled Car Movement) in compliance with Appendix 3 of regulation EN 81-2:1998 (point 9.13) in Hydraulic plants with double valve in descent, valve Wittur ®.

The UCM-400 module controls the state of the current supply of the valves in descent of the hydraulic plant. Its function is to check that when the car doors are open both valves do not receive current. In the case of detecting that one of them does receive current the module blocks itself, preventing, via a connection in the control panel, the setting off of the lift.

WITTUR ® is a registered trademark.

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