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News November 2012 friday, 16th november 2012

Antivandal System
Dear customers:

Gervall have available the Antivandal system for opening doors. System preventing the opening of a floor door with the emergency key in installations which are considered to be at risk from vandals.

The system is composed of a coil at 24 VDC which prevents the turning of the emergency key and so the opening of the door. Access must be gained to the control panel or lift controller of the lift to be able to open the door to give current to the coil to release the turning of the emergency key and make the opening of the door possible.

There is a NC contact integrated in the system, which is closed when the door cannot be opened and opens on allowing opening.

The system returns to rest, reset, when the emergency key is extracted, by spring action. For this reason, if the door has not opened it will be blocked again from opening with the emergency key, always and when the current is taken away from the coil system.

System adaptable for all doors, automatic and swing, which is presented in two configurations, with or without closing system, for adapting to different solutions of integration.

The system is fixed via two metric 5 screws.


If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards.

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