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News November 2012 friday, 16th november 2012

Contact 630
Dear customers:

Gervall has a new contact for automatic doors, manufactured with bimetallic rivets Ag-Sn 90/10 self-cleaning and with positive set off.
Transparent and fire-proof casing ,with a CTI of 275V, whereas the minimum laid down by EN81-2:1998 is 175V.

Certificate Nl-12-400-1002-174-01 issued by Liftinstitut.

Electrical features: 250Vac - 2A and 220Vdc - 2A.

Category of usage AC-15 y DC-13, in accordance with point of EN81-1/2:1998. Grade of protection IP2X with isolation tension of 500V.

The contact complies with:

  • Point F. of appendix F of EN81-1/2:1998, of 1.000.000 cycles.
  • Lift guideline 95/16/EC.
  • Low voltage guideline 2006/95/EC, IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-5-1.


If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards.

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